Bongiovi DPS

Music Events for Disaster Relief?

on May 22, 2010

I remember when Katrina rocked New Orleans.  We all sat and watched our TV screens while musicians like, John Mayer and Trent Reznor played for the ReAct Now show put together to help raise money.  I am somewhat surprised that we have not seen more TV events for the recent oil spill and flooding in Nashville to name a few.  I do see some already scheduled events in those areas that have naturally become benefits for these disasters.  I just can’t help but think that network TV is still in a prime position to reach a lot of people willing to help in many ways and they are not doing all they can.  I for one make donations to help people in need on a regular basis.  I think we should all do more as individuals to help these areas and the people so drastically effected by natural disaster.  I am thinking most famous people would have no problem doing a performance based telethon once a month to raise money for people in need in our country.  What is left of TV and Radio really needs to embrace life and use this medium for something good.  Music always unifies people.  A unified group of music listeners with a cause to support is always a winner.

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