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Mp3 or Something Better?

on March 22, 2010

So yeah. I use an i Pod.  I use i Tunes.  I usually just download Mp3 files because it is quick and painless.  They don’t take up  too much space either.  Convenience is key here.  I really do enjoy the fast and now mentality.   There is one problem though.  The other day I had a disc in the car.  Remember those little metallic cylinders of fun that so many use for coasters now?  I still really enjoy the sound of them.  I also download Flac files, Apple Lossless, etc.  I do notice the difference in comparison to Mp3.  I think the majority of music listeners around the world do what is easy as first mentioned.  Mp3 to i Tunes.   I am an avid listener trying to enhance my audio experience wherever I am listening by changing many variables.  The DPS Plug In certainly changes the way we listen to i Tunes in an amazing way.  We all have our ways to listen to audio.   I tend to listen on my i Pod on the go.  Real Cd audio in the car with the occasional i Pod in the aux.  Home listening is usually my iHome IP1 docking station or a CD or high quality audio file through my studio setup.    There are so many avenues to travel for us to listen to our favorite songs.  What road do you travel?  Mp3 or something better?

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  1. Jacklynn says:

    XtJdCz Good point. I hadn’t thoghut about it quite that way. 🙂

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