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Moving Into My New Digital World

on November 7, 2011

I am Joseph Beaty. Musician and social network nerd for all things DPS. I had been based out of Florida and recently decided to relocate to upstate New York with my wife, Liz. Here is a picture we took as we were entering our new town.

Thanks to the glorious inter-webs, I am able to do my work from anywhere. Great perk of having a blog and social net type job.
We rented a 26ft truck with a car tow and drove 1000+ miles to arrive at our new home. Here is a picture of the movers marveling over how close the truck was to our house. These guys were a trip!

There were many interesting events in our journey. It was an adventure to say the least. I realize now how much technology plays a part in our everyday lives. I did not have a solid internet connection in our hotel room stop near Richmond, VA so I tethered my Galaxy S phone and used it’s 3G connection for service. I listened to some music with my Bongiovi DPS Plug-In enabled and then got some shut eye for the long road ahead. I remember a time not so long ago when cell phones were not common and maps and just plain old remembering where you are going was how you got around. No GPS or any of that. Most of us live in a digital world with a technological lifestyle now. Our entire day depends on these gadgets to survive. So why not be smart about how we use these digital applications for everyday use?

Tethering my phone seems like no big deal to most people I am sure. Think about 15 years ago. How different all of our lives were. Crazy! I plan on using my moving experience and settling into my new home to outline ways we live digitally and how we can live more efficiently on the DPS Insider, not only with DPS technology but technology as a whole. Stay tuned for new updates to this blog series I am calling, Moving into My New Digital World. Click my pic below to get to know me. Take care.

Joseph Beaty

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