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Labor Day Back to School Sale

on August 26, 2013

The kids are going back to school and Labor Day is right around the corner. The DPS crew figured, why not have a Labor Day Back to School sale for everyone? Here are the details…

DPS Plugin Sale

A $9.99 sale is running now through 9/26/13 for the Mac System-wide and Windows versions of the DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer. The regular price is $29.99! That’s over 66% off! A third of the retail price! Click here to purchase your DPS Plugin license now! Share with your friends and family before the sale ends.

DPS can help you in school! Here are a few tips for how DPS can help students out.

1. If you have prerecorded a lecture from class and need to play it back to hear the nuances.

2. Say you’re listening to an audio book and you are having a rough time hearing it on your laptop speakers. DPS can help!

3. Help even out the volume of videos when you are researching YouTube videos for your upcoming class project.

4. You have been studying for way too long and it’s time to jam some tunes and let loose. DPS Audio Enhancer is your friend!

-DPS Plugin Team

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