Bongiovi DPS
on July 24, 2010

A lot of talk is generating about Apple quite possibly turning iTunes into a cloud subscription service.  A recent study by the NPD group concludes that millions would pay for a cloud-based iTunes that would let the user listen to anything in the iTunes catalog.   It is not clear on whether or not this will happen but many seem to think 10 dollars would be the monthly fee.  Not bad considering the platform would be servicing Computer, Phone and Mobile device users.  I for one think it could be a great service.  Especially if they get some kind of cloud transfer device in the works that would allow the consumer to stream and broadcast content to our devices at home such as, TV and Radio.   Much like the way Blu-Ray Players have Netflix and Pandora built in.  Apple already has a huge music and Movie catalog.  I do think Millions would jump on board if they were able to stream everything whenever and where ever they want for 10 dollars.  I think Apple may have me on this one if it actually goes down.  What about you?

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