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on June 14, 2013

iHome IB40 Headphones

I recently picked up a pair of the iHome IB40 Headphones. They are over-the-ear headphones that sound pretty decent for paying ten bucks plus tax. I have been seeing them online for $24.99. I have not yet used the volume control that is included. I tend to be using these in a home recording or listening environment where I like the controls on the machine I am plugged into. However, this might be a nice for someone that is walking with their device, on the train, etc. So today I got a chance to try these babies out on my PC with my DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer. While there are profiles for many devices, I tend to try out everything to understand which is best for my device. Odds are that there is always a profile for my device even if one is not specific to my device. I seriously found a great pairing here. I decided on the “Beats Pro by DRE” DPS Profile for my iHome IB40 Headphones. Huge improvement in bass and clarity. Often times, I find that anything with bass boost squashes the mid-range that I love in so many recordings. Not this combination! I am also feeling the mid-range in an enhanced way while enjoying those rumbling bass lines. I was using the new Nine Inch Nails song, “Came Back Haunted” for testing. (Great track by the way!) I highly urge you to rock this tune!

Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted

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So…I was slipping through all the profiles, my iHome IB40 Headphones fit snug and secure over my enlarged man ears. LOL! I finally stumbled over this “Beats Pro by Dre” profile and was totally floored at the difference. It goes to show how much overlap there is with profiles for different devices working very well for other devices. I would never have found this winning combination if I had not taken a journey into DPS Profile land and found this path. It was hard to believe that this song could sound even better through these affordable headphones. I think the other lesson learned here is that picking up some headphones, earbuds or speakers on the cheap at your local TJ Maxx or something is a good idea. Just let the DPS Plugin do the work. So…try your own combinations by enabling your DPS profile browsers in your DPS Plug in for Mac or PC. You can also get additional profiles for our Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer App for Apple devices by clicking here. If you happen to see these affordable IB40 headphones form iHome, I suggest you snatch them and get your DPS on!

Joseph Beaty
The DPS Insider

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  1. JoeTheTesterGuy says:

    The new NIN record is awesome!

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