Bongiovi DPS

I heard what Pink Floyd was watching on TV

on May 10, 2010

DPS busts the myth about the ear orgasm.. I am not one for pricey, state-of-the-art audio equipment, but i will throw $30 at enhancing the quality of my experience of anything. I did not, however, expect the degree of upgrade this little app provides. I listen to itunes at work and whether its through earphones or the built in speakers on my mac, this app significantly increases the quality of sound. I’ve heard things on albums that I’ve been listening to for years that I’ve never heard before. in going through “The Wall” for the umpillionth time, i was frozen in my tracks at recognizing the sound of Jack Lemmon’s voice during the intro to “nobody home”. now, the different dialogues throughout the album are plain as day, but to be able to discern with unmistakable clarity what’s on tv in the background behind the screaming father’s voice followed by a little girl’s squeal of pain is an entirely different level. buy this plug-in… NOW

Brent Williams – Producer/Engineer/Artist

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