Bongiovi DPS

Growing Into Music

on June 24, 2010

I never thought much about what music I would be making or listening to 20 years in the future.  I never thought about it at all until now.  We all start somewhere.  As soon as we can crawl we are listening to educational ABC songs or cartoon theme songs.  Before you know it you are in your elementary school listening to whatever pop idol is current for the moment.  I was fortunate enough to experience the tail end of the alternative revolution in the 90’s which very much shaped me as a musician.  This time brought me Rock and Electronic genres.  Most of this music has stayed with me now.  I had a brief 2 or 3 year punk rock phase in high school and only a few of those artists are still in my listening routine.   Most of us grow and change.  We are exposed to things and we either take the bait or pass and stick to our loyalist guns.  I believe that 30 years of listening to music makes me an expert of what I like.  Ha!  I believe I am still growing into music.  As a listener and an artist.  Music is amazing in the way that it comes along for the ride.  Isn’t it?  What’s your ride been like?

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