Bongiovi DPS
on May 3, 2010

I like so many other musicians like to make noise.  I think we all use different tools to make this noise.  A guitarist might use a pedal like the Zvex Fuzz Factory to make noise that is not so common.  An electronic musician might scour the local secondhand stores for old Casio keyboards to make noise and beats like the 80’s with a little modern or lo-fi twist.  Whatever tool it might be, we all make noise as musicians.  We make noise as people.  Some simple and some more complex.  Clearing your throat is noise.   All of us at the DPS Insider love to make noise and would love to hear how you make it as well.  Feel free to comment on how it is you contribute to the noise making community.  What gadgets do you frequently use to make music?  Sound off!

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