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Dr. Dre Headphone Profiles Available for DPS Plugin

on February 26, 2010

Hello DPS Plug-In fans!

We’ve just made custom profiles available for Dr. Beat headphones and Lady Gaga earbuds. They are part of Dr. Dre’s designer line of high quality headphones.

These profiles are for the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station Plug-In for iTunes.  This is an iTunes (Mac only…for the moment) plugin that dramatically improves the sound of your computer’s speakers and any other audio device you connect to your computer.

Do you have headphones similar to the Dr. Beats or Lady Gaga earbuds? Try these new profiles on your headphones and let us know how they sound! Remember, there are no rules to these profiles…if you like it, it’s good!

Special thanks to Yann for suggesting a custom profile for Dr. Dre headphones.  The other requests our users have made are in the pipeline.  Stay tuned to the DPS Insider for updates!

To get these profiles, go to the “Downloads” tab in the DPS Plug-In “Preferences” menu (gear icon). Then click “Check for Updates”. You will see the Dr. Dre headphones at the bottom of the list.

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  1. When you have a voice you should use it!

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