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DPS Plug-In, A Digital Romance

on May 30, 2011

So we recently had the privilege of reading a very unique DPS Plug-In testimonial by one, Phil Grech.  Check out Phil’s story here and feel free to post yours in our DPS Forum. Enjoy! (Oh, also check out Phil Grech’s site at

Phil Grech’s Digital Romance-

The DPS Plug-in will help you reconnect with your computer. Not an Ethernet connection, not a wireless connection; a romantic connection.
That sounds farfetched, but let me explain. Have you ever gotten out of a relationship and down the road you got into another relationship only to look back on the first and realize you really had something good there?
That’s what the DPS Plug-in is like. For years, I was content with listening to music through my laptop speakers without any help from a software program. Then I got the DPS Plug-in beta version for Windows. When the beta version expired, I had to purchase the actual software. I just couldn’t go back to listening to music without any assistance.
I had something good going with DPS. We shared late nights together, drinking and writing, playing music in the background while I talked on the phone. We shared early mornings together as my laptop blared music that got me pumped for my day. And like a good lover, there was plenty of afternoon delight with my favorite bands and artists. Without DPS, my laptop was sort of, well, insufficient. It just didn’t make the cut.
So I bought the software, which, for everything it does, I feel is priced too low, but that’s a benefit for the consumer. Now we’re back together and it’s just like the old days. Late nights, early mornings and long stretches of afternoons filled with love.
That’s the love connection I’m trying to explain to you. Have you ever had to tell someone an amazing story or describe something they just had to know about, but you couldn’t find the right words and explaining the awesomeness of the event just couldn’t be done? That’s how I feel about this product. That sounds like another farfetched statement, but if you’re currently using the DPS Plug-in, you know it’s not. I’ll never go back to anyone else. DPS has my heart.

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