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DPS At Toronto Auto Show

on March 4, 2011

The Bongiovi Acoustics DPS team took part in the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show held in downtown Toronto. Toyota Canada included two vehicles with the DPS technology installed for attendees to experience first hand. Introduced first by Toyota Canada, the DPS technology is now available as an upgrade to existing standard audio systems in Toyota models right at the car dealership. The show was an amazing success! Many demonstrations were given to show the power of DPS and how it can bring real life to stock speakers. I did many demonstrations myself and it was fantastic to see how the DPS difference made people’s jaws drop over and over again. The DPS team was also showing off a future car audio innovation called, The Speaker-less Car Audio System. Yes, I said Speaker-less! Something we will most certainly be talking more about soon. We had an excellent time in Canada and would like to thank the tremendous people that participated and attended the Toronto Auto Show. People from all walks of life enjoyed the demonstrations and were eager to check out the DPS Plug-In as well. Everyone stay tuned in the DPS Insider forum and all affiliated websites for DPS Technology news. Click this link to see and learn more about the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS right on the Toyota Canada page:

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