Bongiovi DPS
on March 8, 2012

It was a night like any other night in Avalon Recording Studio. One of our Powerstation certified studios located in Florida. Multiple rooms were hopping and I was just along for the ride. Whenever I was not writing or recording, I would just hang out and learn what I could from Tony Bongiovi, Joey Butera and many other great engineer/producers that have worked in Powerstation studios. It was then that I heard Joey Butera mentioning that he would be tracking none other than Clarence Clemons from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! Clarence was doing a favor for a friend of his Marcia Barrett of Boney M fame. Tracking on her solo record I believe. Another amazing talent for sure! Anyhow, I was doing something in another room and hanging around. I certainly wanted to catch a glimpse of the man himself. Hear some musical magic. I can’t even imagine what it must of been like for Joey Butera to track him in a studio he helped build. Amazing! I spoke to Joey about this post and Joey remembered him being a big guy and that he did two perfect takes with a black sax. A pleasure to work with. I remember Marcia and her husband Marcus being there and introducing him to everyone. Clarence was all smiles. A joy to be around. I started to think about all this as I stumbled upon Bruce’s new album, Wrecking Ball on his website. I got to listen to it and frankly, I very much enjoyed it! There is a section on his page that is dedicated to Clarence and all the members of the E Street Band. Current and Previous. Crazy how life comes around full circle. How music brings us back to a place and time in our lives. Hope previewing Bruce’s new record does the same for you. Enjoy. –Joseph Beaty

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