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Bongiovi helps our local “Boys and Girls Club” win this year’s VH1 “Save the Music” contest!!!!

on May 14, 2010

A little over a month ago, when our studio was asked to participate in’s “Save the Music” contest; (which is partnered with VH1), the first thing that came to mind was: “When”!?

Music programs in our schools are disappearing in rapid numbers; and are so important as they not only help promote arts education, but also teach discipline to so many your students.’

Our team was working together with The Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County, Florida, to help make a music video for their original song “Let the Music Play”. During pre-production; I visited the website on a regular basis to check out the other entries. It seemed every high school band; middle school music department and more had entered from coast to coast. I mean – by the end – there were literally thousands of entries.

Bongiovi Entertainment studio employees Ryan Copt, Paul Kronk and Pete Duggan all came out to the shoot; helping donate their time for the charitable cause. I did my best to assist out first time director Marco Filippini while being on camera.

Honestly; when the day of shooting was over…We knew we had something really special. It really touched my heart to work with so many children, from so many diverse backgrounds, who were all so passionate about a common cause: Saving our country’s music programs. On top of this, all of these children were so appreciative. I mean; at the day’s end – I’d NEVER received so many hugs. It literally brought a tear to my eye.

The edit and post production process was relatively quick. We had to get the entire video cut, approved and uploaded in a little more than 24 hours as the deadline was nearing! It was a slight challenge to get everything done; but our team was so amazing, I never had any reasons to worry. You couldn’t have asked for a better crew on any shoot. Everyone really came together here as friends.

Here’s the end result of everyone’s hard work and effort: “Let The Music Play” Video

Just last week I got an excited call from the director, Marco, who informed me not only had The Boys and Girls Club taken the grand prize; which included a sizable grant and 2 Fender guitars, but the group was set to perform the song live in New York at the Apollo theater!!!! Apparently the judging panel consisted of columnists from Rolling Stone, industry professionals from MTV, EMI Records and VH1; plus celebrities like Vanessa Carlton!

I never thought this would happen – and am so happy for everyone involved. Unfortunately; VH1 is only providing travel expenses for 5 members of the group; but they really need 10 to perform at the concert, so The Boys and Girls Club are rapidly trying to raise the funds needed to get everyone to New York! You can do your part to help by making a donation here.

– Mike Hoffman

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