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Bongiovi DPS CES 2013

on January 18, 2013

CES 2013 Sign

The Bongiovi DPS Team had an excellent time at CES 2013! This year we decided to have a party over at the Bellaggio. The website was launched at this event.

There was no shortage of things to look at during the event. One stand out was the Speakerless Car of the Future.

Party goers were in awe of how amazing we could make this car sound without a single speaker. If you are interested in learning more about the Speakerless Car of the Future, Click Here. The DPS technology makes a Speakeress Car possible. I highly recommend getting out to our next event where we feature the car.

Bongiovi Medical made some waves at the Bellaggio event as well. The team was recording heartbeats, applying DPS and putting them on thumbdrives for party goers. People were having a great time with this.

The Bongiovi DPS girls were handing out swag as people would enter the event. Lanyards, Bongiovi DPS Demo Earbuds and more! Everyone was rocking a lanyard and excited for the free stuff!

Our friends from ASHA/Listen to Your Buds were also there raising awareness for noise enduced hearing loss. They had some great literature and free swag for the guests as well.

Among the technology, free swag, etc…There was music, food, drinks, girls and fun being had by all. I heard many people commenting on the beautiful ice sculpture.

The Bongiovi DPS team, business partners and the great people we met on the CES 2013 floor all seemed to be having a great time at the REimagine Audio Party. There are many photos of the party and CES 2013 located here. This is going to be a strong year for Bongiovi Acoustics. What a way to kick it off! CES 2013 in Vegas! Can’t wait until next year.

-Joseph Beaty
Bongiovi Acoustics

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