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Bongiovi Acoustics Solves MP3 Playback Dilemma

on October 24, 2007

Bongiovi Acoustics, LLC ( announces that it has solved the most critical challenge presented by MP3/MP4 music playback: Poor quality audio as a result of diminished frequency response from compressed audio data files.

Given the limited bandwidth available in consumer electronics, the industry has developed a number of compression (size) algorithms to reduce the time it takes to download & store digital audio and video files. Bits and pieces of the original master recording’s program material are removed in order to reduce the overall size of the data file. For the most part, this process preserves enough of the program material to compress the file while still providing a reasonable listening experience when played through consumer electronics. This is analogous to the process that was used in making vinyl records when the master recording’s frequency response was altered to ‘fit’ as much audio information on the vinyl records as possible.

The compressed digital audio format of MP3/MP4 files further diminishes the frequency response of the audio content by limiting the transient information that would be found in the original master recording.

The patented Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station processor is a groundbreaking achievement in audio technology. Encoded on a computer chip, the processor can be custom-tuned to maximize the performance of any playback device. The active processor constantly scans the program material in real time and raises frequency levels to compensate for diminished frequency response. “The result is extended frequency and transient response of the compressed program material and a signal as close to the 0 dbfs reference standard of the master recording as can be achieved” says the technology’s inventor, Tony Bongiovi. “The bottom line is, the listener gets to hear more of the original program material”

This first-of-its kind technology was conceived by Bongiovi, an award-winning recording engineer and producer. Bongiovi fused his expertise in both engineering and record production to break down the wall between what is recorded in the sound studio and what the listener ultimately hears when that sound is reproduced on an audio device. “In non-technical terms, the processor recognizes and addresses program material differences and compensates for those variations” says Bongiovi. “The result is that, in terms of sound quality, older recordings sound as good as new recordings and there are no significant volume differences between channels, audio sources or formats.”

The technology and its application is not limited to MP3 players. “It is particularly effective in instances where audio components and their performance are compromised or limited due to size, weight, portability, playback environment or cost factors,” says Bongiovi Acoustics cofounder Ron Simmons. “The processor is a real breakthrough not only for MP3 players, but for all consumer electronics that produce sound and its ease of implementation in any product is a key feature. These products include car audio systems, computers, cell phones, boom boxes, gaming devices, home theatre systems and flat panel displays”

The Digital Power Station processor is currently available in the Bongiovi Acoustics KD-S100 car audio system manufactured by JVC Mobile Entertainment. The system is being distributed as an aftermarket car audio product and is available nationwide at new car dealerships.

The technology will soon be available in headphones, IPOD docking stations and many other consumer electronic products under licensing terms to major manufacturers. Visit for more information about audio compression and the groundbreaking Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology.

The Company.

Bongiovi Acoustics LLC is an operating entity of Bongiovi Media & Technology, Inc., a privately held company with offices at 649 SW Whitmore Dr., Port Saint Lucie, FL. The company generates revenues through licensing of its technology, joint ventures with strategic partners and also through sales, licensing, distribution and production agreements within the entertainment industry.

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