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Bongiovi Acoustics launches DPS Plug-In for Mac

on March 3, 2010

Bongiovi Acoustics, developers of the patented Digital Power Station™ (DPS) audio enhancement technology announced that it has introduced a new DPS Plug-In for iTunes. Released initially for Mac OS X users, it dramatically enhances the sound of any Mac computer, as well as its connected speakers, headphones and other auxiliary accessories. Available now, the DPS Plug-In can be sampled for free and purchased for $29.99 at It’s designed for Mac users of all levels from first time neophytes to dyed-in-the-wool techies who spend nearly every waking moment in front of their computer screens.

The company plans to release the DPS System Wide Plug-In for Windows users soon. This version will optimize audio from any source on the PC.

The DPS Plug-In improves the brightness and clarity of compressed audio files (mp3, AAC, etc.) while providing richer, deeper bass response. It analyzes the audio signal in real-time and optimizes it for play back through the user’s audio system. It also compensates for differences in volume between songs and enhances dialogue and sound effects for music, movies, television, streaming video and podcasts. If it’s coming through iTunes, it will be dramatically better.

DPS is a 100% active digital processing method that analyzes the incoming audio signal and remixes it in real time for optimized playback on a particular device. Instead of using complex audio controls, the DPS is operated via a user-friendly “profile” system. Each profile contains settings for over 120 calibration points that are custom tuned by Bongiovi Acoustics sound engineers for the intended playback device. Users can easily optimize their own system by selecting custom profiles from Bongiovi’s expanding catalog.

Whether listening to internal speakers on your own computer, your favorite headphones, or external speaker devices connected to your Mac, the DPS Plug-In will provide state-of-the-art digital audio technology. Bongiovi Acoustics Managing Director Ron Simmons said, “The launch of the DPS Plug-In is the next step in our mission to bring studio-quality sound to everyday consumer electronics. Millions of Mac owners can significantly upgrade their audio system with a simple download and now they can custom tune their audio to their own listening tastes using our innovative profile system. It’s all about empowering the customer. We have the unique ability to immediately respond to their requests via our DPS user forums and create new tuning profiles.”

According to Bongiovi Acoustics’ Phil Fuller, VP Engineering/ Technology “We have unique control over the entire frequency spectrum of the program material which means that we can create specific custom profiles that give users freedom of choice to deliver studio-quality sound to their particular playback device, whether it is a MacBook Pro 17″, iMac G5, Apple ear buds or your desktop speakers. We have different profiles for various types of headphones and home entertainment systems. We are all about maximizing the user’s listening experience, regardless of what the playback device is or what its limitations are.”

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