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Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook Page

on October 4, 2012

There has been a lot of activity and fun on the Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook page lately. Hundreds and thousands talking audio, checking out our shares and posts, etc.

Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook

Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook

Recently, We had a contest on Facebook where our “Bongiovi DPS” community named a DPS Audio Enhancer profile. The winner was chosen at random. Kelang, Malaysia is now a custom DPS profile thanks to our super active and awesome DPS peoples! If you missed the post about the Kelang profile and Facebook contest click here to check it out.
We also wanted to share a few of the recent recommendations from DPS Users that are Liking our Facebook Page. Here are a few:

“The DPS apps are amazing. As Paddy ThirtyThree said, it’s an absolute must have if you have an iPhone.” – Jim Boden

“This product isn’t just awesome, it’s necessary. I wouldn’t even bother listening to music on my laptop if I didn’t have this installed. I couldn’t recommend this enough.” -Phil Grech

“Great products and service! A must have on all Macs, PCs and iOS devices for the best audio enhancement!” Thanks – Darren Fava

So we ask you to come join the shenanigans over at the Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook page. Post fun audio articles, make a recommendation, talk DPS, music, movies and more. Hit the link at the top of the post, click LIKE and meet some great people online that are into audio just as yourself. See you there!

-Joseph Beaty
Bongiovi Acoustics

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  1. Randyrocker says:

    Not only is it great for music, it makes all of your movies come alive.

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