Bongiovi DPS
on March 19, 2012

I think about audio all day long. Not just because I am a songwriter but because I am a music and movie lover! Think back to the early days of the iPod and before. The iPod was certainly a huge advancement for media. However, now we have an array of applications that enhance this experience. For example, I just recently acquired an iPod Touch (4th Generation) and of course I love how the “Bongiovi DPS” App can enhance my audio. (The image above is a screenshot of the Bongiovi DPS app.) I still have an old iPod from back in the day. Very limited. It works great but I cannot use an App like this one (or any App for that matter) to make my external devices work for me. I often use it docked to my iHome iP1 or plugged into my AUX in my car. (Shown below)

I love that I can make my car sound better as well as headphones and ear buds. We take for granted what technology can do for our media devices on the go and at home. It is hard to imagine a world where audio enhancer applications did not exist. Isn’t it?
Joseph Beaty

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