Bongiovi DPS
on January 23, 2012

It has been over year since I have had my smart phone. It is a highly capable phone. It does everything I need it to do. I can update all my social networks with a variety of tools that make it easier. (Like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck for example.) I can play games like Wordfeud (or Words with Friends) with people all over the world. My tablet does all the same things with a slightly better camera and larger screen for eBooks for Kindle (or Nook). Like most people, I bought these devices and started going crazy downloading every App I heard about. It seems there are a million apps to do the same thing. Or at least claim to do the same thing. I am happy to say that the Bongiovi DPS App for iOS is in a league of its own. Sound enhancement for our phones is not a new idea. However, Real Time Audio Re-Mastering is a patented process. So, I feel good about where we stand in the App world. Still, I cannot help but think about the Photo Editing App, the Coupon App, the Music App, the blah blah blah App! I actually spent a good hour deleting Apps I don’t use from my phone the other day to realize that I was an App addict. I was suffering from App Overload and had no idea! Are we downloading and trying things out to see if we are to purchase the paid versions? Or do we just consume everything because we can? I think it is a little of both. So I suggest a few questions to ask yourself the next time your thumb gets anxious and enters an App Store. Will this App make my life better? Is it offering a service that is unique? These simple questions might just give you piece of mind (and a much needed vacation for your thumbs) when flipping through screens of useless fluff. NOTE: If useless fluff is the whole idea, then disregard this statement.

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