Bongiovi DPS
on April 12, 2010

What is it to be a DJ in 2010?  It must be a very different time.  There are many definitions of what a DJ is from state to state and town to town.  Seattle might have more of an indie dance focus while Miami is very Latin and hip hop.  Detroit might spin vinyl while Chicago mixes iPods together.  No matter what people like to hear a good beat.  A vocal that sticks in your mind.  People love to dance.  Whether it be in a club or letting Pandora do the work.  The DPS Insider invites DJ’s to share their personal tricks and tools of the trade here with the DPS  Forum community.  How is being a DJ in 2010 different for you?  How does technology change the way people view a DJ?  The community would love to hear a DJ’s perspective.  The DPS Insider will be featuring more content focused on the DJ realm.  Stay plugged in.

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