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End of Life Announcement

We will not be accepting new customers as of 9/29/2021.

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Bongiovi Acoustic Labs has begun the End of Life (E.O.L) process for the Bongiovi DPS software. The latest software update for Mac and Windows will be the last for the Bongiovi DPS Audio Optimization software.  

Bongiovi DPS is software for your Windows or Mac computer that delivers an exciting, premium audio experience to all of your audio devices.  Key features include:

  • Enhanced presence, clarity, and detail for music, movies, and games.
  • V3D virtual surround sound for headphones moves the sound from “inside your head” to outside for a more natural and immersive experience.  Very useful for first-person video games and virtual reality!  Stereo Field enhancement is also available for your built-in (laptop speakers) and external desktop, home theater, or TV speakers.
  • Hear deeper bass with Virtual Subwoofer technology.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it.  All of your audio preferences are saved for your external speakers, built-in speakers, and headphones.
  • Setup is quick and easy with the built-in Setup Helper.


Are you an audio geek?  Dive deep into our huge collection of profiles using our updated Profile Browser.  Selecting a profile from the list instantly previews the sound you will get so you can audition many profiles very quickly.

Your subscription allows activation on Windows or Mac computers.  The Mac and Windows versions of Bongiovi DPS each have settings customized for the operating system.

Bang Boom Pow!

Get the biggest, most immersive audio in the land.  Also comes in Space!

NOTE: We recommend you use the free trial before purchasing to be sure Bongiovi DPS is compatible with your computer and meets your needs.