Bongiovi DPS

Oops! Look’s like you got the Driver Not Found error…

Usually, this problem occurs when another program is using the computer’s audio system when you first install the Bongiovi software.

First, try relaunching Bongiovi DPS

If re-launching does not work, try these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Uninstall the software with the uninstaller located in Start Menu/Bongiovi…
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Be sure no other programs are running. Check your System Tray (triangle icon at the bottom-right of your screen) to be sure programs like Skype or any other programs that use the Windows sound system are closed.
  4. Install the software again. Use the Setup Wizard to get sound working properly.

If you are still having trouble please Contact Us.  Thanks for your patience!