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    Sorry for the late reply.
    I am very curious now for the 2.1 version and the profiles included. I had played a bit with the equalizer controls in 1.0.7 mainly strengthening the very low base around 40 Hz and it will be interesting to hear the new version with more options.

    I am aware every system is unique, especially when it is up to enhancing sound quality from ostly bad sources at often bad speakers. My setup is about playing bad source (mp3 with the typical low quality) to a good speaker system. DPS does this job extremely well and makes the bad source files acceptable when played to some speakers showing the weaknesses. Personally i could imagine this is a major target group for DPS – people who hear the difference, usually have and like good quality but for some reason either have source data or computer who is not capable. Those who do not hear the difference will not care and take the low quality of mp3 on bad speakers as long as there is some sound coming out.
    So i guess Your target group is primarily people who care about sound and quality and so i assume it will not be so rare that they do have an adequate sound system connected but do use DPS for enhancing some low quality itunes or mp3 collection.

    For doing this i have come to the profile ‘phoenix’ as it gives a very clear sound. I used some other speakers where i used the ‘los Angeles’ profile as i had to add more bass there but the findings i reported above were all for the profile ‘phoenix’
    I got really better results for all the “clear” music with light tone and dynmics. Good example would be Pink Floyd / High Hopes (with that bee at the beginning).
    The most improvement in sound quality i got with Maya Jane Coles / Comfort.
    This song sounded somehow ‘swampy’ with the old 1.0.7 and is really sounding good now because it is much sharper and more distinguished (sorry for the strange words – difficult to describe the emotional quality of a sound)

    Teh issue with the tones out of order i described is probably due to my setup and not to 2.0. I am using a usb sound interface wher ethe speakers ae connected to. This worked directly with 1.0.7 — with 2.0 it does not any more (sound distorted) which i could solve by routing it through soundflower. Personally i could assume that there is still some partial delays so things get maybe a bit out of phase. As i do not know what DPS really does i can not judge that. But it happens rarely – only if there are sharp tones in quick succession (Bomfunk MCs being a good example). I will look what 2.1 does and will report. What it sounds is like if you take several tracks of a song and play some of them with a slightly (very slightly) faster speed (or slightly out of phase) It must be milliseconds or something, but you can hear it like a slight echo.
    But as i said nothing to worry about as i assume it is because of the rerouting and not because of any profile

    All teh best


    Ok – i think here is the right place for my humble opinion on soudn difference between teh two version. Before i say anything it is important for me to say that it is my subjective impression only. So take out of it whatever helps.
    It is difficult to really compare as what You compare comes from memory partially. The difference is not so big that it is totally obvious – but rather small things that also can be wrong remembered…

    Having said that i want to go to the setup: I am using teh phoenix profile with an external usb audio device and some speakers.
    I chose the phoenix for 1.x as it had a very clear an open sound and most of the other setups sounded too muffled – after al it is some HiFi speakers i am driving.

    When i now compare 1.x to 2.0 i would say that it very much depends on the songs i hear. This is interesting as there is no clear result. But for most things i hear 2.0 sounds better with phoenix.
    On the plus side there is much more dynamics, especially with calm and bright sounds. Often the sound ‘opens up’ liek a little bit of surround added. in this bright and sharp environment also single bass tones come clear and dark.
    Theer are also songs where i would prefer the 1.x This is the more base related stuff, especially techno or something with much and continuous deep tones. These are not so strong with 2.0 then they were with 1.x I get the impression they lack some power and also the do not come out so clear and distinguished. They are rather fading into each other a bit. Not to understand me wrong: It still sounds great – but in my impression the 1.x sounded better here.
    In rare cases i encountered another phenomenon that i can not clearly describe when it happenes. In some brigt passages with a fast sequence of high tones i got the impression as if it lost rhythm. When there originally was a clear succession of clear bright strokes it now sounded a little out of phase – like if some of the tones would try to overtake the others creating a bit of a chaos. Listening example here would be Freestyler by Bomfunk MCs – not the start but a little later.
    What i cannot say is if this is due to the profiel or due to my setup routing DPS through soundflower. But that effect is not here with 1.x – and it is with 2.0

    But apart from these little things (You asked for them!) i do love the improved sound of 2.0. Will be very curious for the new profiles and maybe soon a full version 😉

    in reply to: DPS 2.1 coming for existing Users #65160

    Just wanted to add something and correct myself.

    After hearing the new 2.0 for a while i must say it DOES sound different. The interesting thing is that it is different depending on teh piece of music You hear.
    In general i woule say there is more dynamic — especially quiet pieces sound much more clear and sometimes You get the feeling of a bigger room it is in. There is more to say but i think i will leave that at the appropriate thread – for here i only wanted to state that there is a clear difference between versions (at least for my ears 😉

    Any info on the timeline would also be appreciated — at the moment i have both versions installed (but only one activated, as with both activated at teh same time it is quite a sound mess ;-))

    in reply to: DPS 2.1 coming for existing Users #65157

    Thank You for the valuable information

    Now as 1st of march approaches is there any date yet where the 2.1 version will be available or the activation possible for users who bought 1.x?

    I upgraded my OS so i now can use 2.0 and also was able to reestablish the workaround with soundflower and soundflowerbed to send the output to my usb audio interface. Result is absolutely convincing. (i know it was not intended that way but works like a charm – and i would have missed DPS very much as it sounds much better even over the interface for old recordings and itunes stuff with low quality ;-))

    Now i am not sure if i should stay with 2.0 or go back to 1.0.7 which worked just fine and gave me full controls about profiles and equalizer (if i use the same profile (phoenix) the difference in sound between the versions is not very much – i still do think 2.0 is a bit brighter and clearer but not sure as i just installed it – will have to test).

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