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Version 2.2 not working on MacOS Catalina

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    I have Catalina (still in beta I know) on one of my macs.
    When I installed the last version of DPS I get error that it is installed but not available. Reboot doesn’t help.

    I know that Catalina is still in beta but Boom 3 is working fine (had to test if Boom works or not).
    Is there a beta build for Catalina maybe?

    Error message


    Hello skozorog

    Have you had any replies to your posts regarding the DOS plugin and Mac Catalina software?

    I am sitting on the fence for a few days reading that some people had problems installing the final release and update for Catalina?
    I’ve started a new post, and have had absolutely no responses or replies to it?

    I need to check if I have any 32 bit apps that I use before installing the Mac Catalina update, as it will only run 64 bit apps?



    Hello… DPS has been crashing almost daily when using a bluetooth Bose Mini II speaker. It’s fine at first, but seems to have a problem if the speaker is turned off and back on again later. Apple Music then fails to open, DPS crashes, and there’s a spinning beach ball over the audio icon in the menu bar.

    Other devices all seem to be fine: built-in speakers & Fiio Q1 MkII USB DAC.

    Here’s a .txt file of the crash report:


    Sorry for very late reply.

    It still crashes when installing the last version of DPS.
    Strangely enough it was working if I did upgrade from Mojave to Catalina. On fresh install of Catalina same problem. Really bad…


    Hi DPS experts, I have just installed Catalina and DPS is not working neither appearing in the Security/privacy… Microphone auth section.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance


    Yea, totally frustrating. One minute, it’s working, next minute, it’s not.


    Hi everyone,

    I’ running Big Sur beta and version is working fine for me.
    I have tried to update to last version (I believe it is 4.2) but it would not work.

    So I installed the version that is working.

    They are working on new version which (they say) will solve this problem but we will have to see about it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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