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Version 2.2 not working on MacOS Catalina

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    I have Catalina (still in beta I know) on one of my macs.
    When I installed the last version of DPS I get error that it is installed but not available. Reboot doesn’t help.

    I know that Catalina is still in beta but Boom 3 is working fine (had to test if Boom works or not).
    Is there a beta build for Catalina maybe?

    Error message


    Hello skozorog

    Have you had any replies to your posts regarding the DOS plugin and Mac Catalina software?

    I am sitting on the fence for a few days reading that some people had problems installing the final release and update for Catalina?
    I’ve started a new post, and have had absolutely no responses or replies to it?

    I need to check if I have any 32 bit apps that I use before installing the Mac Catalina update, as it will only run 64 bit apps?



    Hello… DPS has been crashing almost daily when using a bluetooth Bose Mini II speaker. It’s fine at first, but seems to have a problem if the speaker is turned off and back on again later. Apple Music then fails to open, DPS crashes, and there’s a spinning beach ball over the audio icon in the menu bar.

    Other devices all seem to be fine: built-in speakers & Fiio Q1 MkII USB DAC.

    Here’s a .txt file of the crash report:


    Sorry for very late reply.

    It still crashes when installing the last version of DPS.
    Strangely enough it was working if I did upgrade from Mojave to Catalina. On fresh install of Catalina same problem. Really bad…


    Hi DPS experts, I have just installed Catalina and DPS is not working neither appearing in the Security/privacy… Microphone auth section.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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