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    By accident I came across the Tech Team Articles and later also the SDKs descriptions.
    Some interesting stuff there but also a lot of contradictions:

    E.g. the article about Headroom and Padding says that the volume is decreased before any processing, the description for android that it happens afterwards, right before the final limiter. (The latter makes more sense to me but the tech article being wrong would be weird.)

    One site says that the EQ gets wider for highs and therefore should use Q >= 1 in that case. But other sites recommend Q = 0.7 and give example settings with Q << 1 for treble. (I think it was mentioned somewhere on the forum that the user EQ uses a fixed Q = 0.7. Nothing bad seems to happen when I increase the frequency as high as possible.)

    One observation about DPS on Windows:
    Both on or off it does sound much softer than with DPS uninstalled, even if I compensate for the volume pad. I cannot believe this is only because of volume but guess other effects like resampling, bit downconversion, OS interface, etc come into play, too.
    Personally I don’t mind the sound to be silkier and less harsh, actually even prefer it.

    Btw does DPS dither it’s output when converting from internal floats to 16-bit integers?

    And sorry for throwing all that random stuff at you guys. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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