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    A ShoreTel Solution Architect is a professional who will put in use the technical expertise and ShoreTel proficiency in a customer facing environment. They must be efficient to handle the designing and proposing ShoreTel On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid solutions. The architect should be able to provide necessary support in managing additional technical resources for meeting the account needs. shoretel problems


    Thank you for advertising your services and brief information about the profession. Ten years ago it would have been amazing to have a Solution Architect in the team: such a position was just emerging, and such specialists could be counted on one hand. The architect chooses those solutions that will help the business get the most out of it, using modern technologies for this. Unlike a business analyst, who shows what a system should be from a functional point of view, a digital solution architect knows with what technologies and how it will be implemented. For a better understanding of the responsibilities of such specialists, I advise you to use Facebook posts in which experienced solution architects share their experience and talk about their work. I managed to find three dozen posts on this topic there and I noticed that in most cases these posts had at least 37 thousand likes! I am sure this is because their authors used the services of in order to wind up likes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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