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    I really like dps so far and couldn’t go back to plain mac sound now as the improvements are obvious and much better quality than competitors like boom2. I’m using the ath-ad700 profile atm as the frequency response seems fairly close to my He-400’s but I’d love a profile for the He-400 (highly recommended cans :)) if possible in the future to smoothen the remaining dips/peaks in the mids and highs. Or if possible more eq points as there seems to be 2-4 points where eq can sort of perfect this profile.

    Dan Rice


    Thanks for submitting your profiles request for your Hifiman He400’s. I will add it to our acquisition list, although they do seem to be out of production. We create every profile by hand/ear which means we must have that particular piece of hardware on our bench to tune. When this device is made available to us we will create a custom profile for it.

    Also, I’ll pass along your feature request for a few more EQ adjustment points.


    Dan Rice
    DPS Support


    Ahh true, I missed that they were out of production. Appreciate you hearing out requests!

    Thanks, Rowen

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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