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    I have acquired Bongiovi DPS through the android app “Jet Audio Plus”, by buying the the audio system’s plugin in the app, wich is quite know, i believe, by most of the users. So far, i didn’t had any regrets, it was one of my best purchases, actually.
    In the beginning i was feeling uncertain about the audio profile that would be best for me, after all, the system offers a very big variety of profiles, but, while i was using the free trial time offered by the app, i have found the best profile for me, and it was just like said in the description, just listen to a song and go changing the profile until you’re satisfied. And i was so satisfied that i decided to buy it.
    But now, here comes my request. I use a Sony earphone model “ex15lp”, and i didn’t have any problems with the other profile i chose, except for some small audio distortions in medium high volumes, even with all the other equalizers and effects off, i i would like to ask that the so capable Bongiovi team would make a custom profile for my earphone model and offer future updates for the system, not only on the refered app’s plugin. But so far, i say it has really worth the (small) cost, and i just have that request to make.

    My early Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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