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    Hello, I tried DPS for a bit and honestly I would buy it if it wasn’t for 2 major flaws.

    1.) Bonglovi DPS does have it’s own volume slider which is quite problematic, since it doesn’t control the Audio volume from the main soundcard which it improves the sound on. This is a problem because my subwoofer doesn’t get contorled by DPS at all, which causes when i reduce the volume, that the speakers get quiter but the subwoofer still being on high volume, creating annoying sound problems.

    2.) When I put a headset into my notebook, DPS doesn’t detect it and I have to manually switch from Speakers to headset mode, which is really annoying.

    Other than those 2 major flaws, I like the system and would buy it if it wasn’t for those flaws. I know that the first issue can be solved rather fast by linking the volume from DPS to the main source, I don’t know about the 2. flaw tho.

    Dan Rice


    Thank you for your feedback, I will pass along your suggestion (#1) to my engineering team. It sounds like your audio setup is a bit different than that of our typical user, however we will look into what can be done for this kind of multi-output setup.

    As far as problem #2, we have a setting for “Plug-in behavior” that you can set for when you plug in an aux jack to your computer. It can be set to “Ask”, “Change to Headphone listening”, Change to Desktop listening”, or “Ignore.” It’s default is set to “Ask”, so I’m not sure why you weren’t prompted to make a choice when you plugged in your headphone jack. This too might have something to do with your multi-output setup.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support


    Well not quite, the system does run only on 1 virtualdevice. Even if I plug in the headset it will run over the same virtualdevice, meaning it won’t switch to another device when plugging in my headset (like most notebooks do). The subwoofer is also controlled via the same virtualdevice.

    The first is easily fixed by simply making the virtualdevice volume which it’s processing the exact same volume as DPS itself. Maybe add under settings a “sync device volume with DPS volume” option.

    The second is something harder to fix, I’d honestly settle on some sort of hotkey. I’d say just make under settings a little option for hotkey combinations for switching the around the options so that people like me who have a rather special setup can just press a combination which we can define to switch from headset to ecternal speakers etc.

    If you could do that, then you got yourself another customer (:

    I’d also appreciate if you could give an ETA of how long this would take when talking to the engineering team. It shouldn’t take long, but I’m sure you guys are working on a new 2.2 version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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