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No sound with iOS 6.1 after using other app

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    I haven’t figured out which other apps might be causing this, and am on a slightly old version of iOS – 6.1.  What happens is that after running BonGiovi and having it work fine, if I go back to it, it won’t send sound to the headphone jack nor to my bluetooth headphones.  The problem goes away if I power down and re-start my I-Phone 5.  Any thoughts?  My guess is that it’s Apple’s own Music player.


    Thanks, Neil HR


    Hmmm.   Are you using the Bluetooth headphones when this occurs?  Also keep in mind only one app can use the iOS sound system at any time.  Perhaps the Music app gains control when it wakes up and is not allowing other apps access to sound?

    I suggest closing all apps then testing with just Bongiovi running.  You should not have to power off your phone.  Let us know what you find.  Thanks!


    That’s an odd problem. I can switch back and forth between the Apple music app and DPS without any issues at all, but I’m not using Bluetooth. I have an iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1.3.

    Joseph Beaty



    How did this pan out?  Still having issues?  I agree with XAQ…multiple apps might be the issue. Let us know what you found out for sure…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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