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    Hello Rupert,

    It seems indeed that you have been generous with the compression, although you surely work hard ; as we say in french : “la critique est aisée mais l’art est difficile”.

    Thanks to not forget the “iMac 20 profile”, which I use, in your final release.

    Best regards.


    I honestly cannot wait for the update so I can install profiles once again. I used to be able to use the 1.x profiles on my previous Mac on the 2.0.x version, but since I upgraded to a new computer and I didn’t opt to transfer any data to the new computer, I am really missing the profiles. I just hope there are profiles for the newest 15 inch macbook pro with the touch bar, and I have some Bose QC 20s that I would love to have two profiles for: one with the sound canceling on and one with them off, but I’ll understand if there’s no profile for them. It will still sound amazing without the custom profiles.


    Bongiovi DPS 2.1 Preview has begun! Thread is here


    DPS Denizens,

    Bongiovi DPS 2.1 is now officially for sale! You may buy it now but I suggest waiting until this weekend. We will be running lots of sales 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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