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    Hi everyone!

    Due to popular demand, we have created a new category of profiles called TOOLS.  These profiles seek to provide focused solutions to specific audio situations.  The TOOLS category can now be found in the Windows and Mac profile browser in the Desktop Speakers category.  Download TOOLS profiles for iOS here.

    Here is a description of the current TOOLS profiles:

    • Annapolis and Paris DRC – These City profiles are very popular for home theater and bookshelf speakers.  However, they do not have very aggressive automatic volume control.  The technical term for this is Dynamic Range Control (DRC).  These two TOOLS profiles have the same tone as the City profiles but with more aggressive DRC.
    • Bass Boost – Just as the name implies, this profile only boosts bass frequencies (50-70Hz) and has enough DRC to prevent distortion on most speakers.
    • Plenty of Air – This profiles enhances very high frequencies and keeps them under control with tasteful DRC.
    • Custom Tone 70Hz – This one is a little more special.  The Bongiovi Equalizer is best for cutting frequencies (boosting too much causes distortion).  The Custom Tone TOOLS profile boosts 70Hz and 5000Hz at Q 0.7 10dB.  The Bongiovi DRC keeps these frequencies under control.  Now you can set your Equalizer to these same frequencies to dial in the tone of your choice.  Do this by lowering the gain of the frequency (bass or treble) that is too much.

    If you have any suggestions for other TOOLS please let us know here.







    The links to the profiles don’t work in Windows and iOS.



    For Windows, you should use the Profile Browser in the Desktop Speakers category.  The TOOLS are under the Cities profiles in the list.  Are you saying the profiles do not download?

    In iOS, scroll to the bottom of the profile list (any category).  Then touch “Download more profiles”.  The TOOLS are at the bottom of the page.  Just touch one of the profiiles and choose “Open in Bongiovi DPS”.

    Let me know if you have any trouble.




    Sorry, got it wrong. Windows profiles are working. It’s the link to iOS that’s broken when I click on your HERE link on my Windows system, then select a profile. In iOS, using Download more profiles gets the same problem. Safari says Not found.



    Yikes!  You are correct, sir.  That was my fault for not telling robzilla there was a new profiles folder called Tools.  All fixed now.



    Using 1.05. Still, ugh, still getting the following error when trying to download tools:

    Profile Download Failed: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)


    Joseph Beaty


    Sorry you are having trouble with this. I have written you an email. A response to the same issue before. Please respond there. I will get you the profile(s) you need.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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