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    Little Angel

    I have been a long time user of DPS for Mac.

    In the past the default profile for my iMac or MBP has worked very well, but having got a new MBP 13 in, the default MBP profile is poor on this machine. It dulls the volume instead of enhancing it.

    I am currently using the Sydney profile as it seems to work best with this machine, but was wondering what one I should be using to get the best out of my DPS.



    Little Angel

    Anyone help out here?

    Dan Rice

    Little Angel,

    We do have profiles for several variants of the Apple Macbook Pro.

    Screenshot of Bongiovi DPS Preferences, Profile tab, Apple profiles

    On my Macbook, I use the Macbook Pro 13 Unibody profile and then I tweak the Bass and Treble a little to my personal preference.

    Hope this helps!


    Dan R.
    DPS Support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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