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    Joseph Beaty

    Hey Everyone! We have updated our DPS plugin products with some great new DPS Profiles for the following devices:

    In the headphone category:

    Monster N-Tune, Sony MDR-zx100, Plantronics Backbeat 903, Phillips Fidelio S2,, London Headphones Cities profile, Outdoor Technologies Bluetooth Tags, Bose Around Ear, Audio Technica AD700 and the Motorola S11 Flex.

    In the Speaker Category:

    Bose Soundlink Mini, Monster Clarity, Ultimate Ears Boom, GOGroove Bluesync, Braven 855s, Creative Labs T40, Sony iPod Dock and the HMDX Bluetooth profile.


    Thanks a lot!

    Are they already available in bgva format somewhere so to try them with DPS 2.0?

    The Monster N-Tune has a BOOM profile. Is this a new mode?

    What’s new with the London headphone profiles?



    We do have bgva versions of those profiles.  Just email me and I will send you the ones you are interested in.  We want to do the official delivery of those profiles through the app when our web back end work is finished for  DPS 2.0.

    The BOOM mode is something extra we have done for iOS in the past when we feel a device needs a little extra juice for some styles of music.  We may carry those options into DPS 2.0 when the time comes.


    I’m a bit surprised that there is no profile for Vsonic’s GR07 which seems to have become somewhat of a benchmark earphone. If others are also interested I would love to see this added profile. Luckily they have become more reasonably priced so hopefully an opportunity presents itself.

    Joseph Beaty


    I will add the vsonic gr07 to our DPS profile request list. Thanks for the suggestion!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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