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    Could you kindly release bongiovi technology as an equalizer for Android, please check out “Music volume EQ + bass booster app” it has 50 million downloads, the only other option is to work with o.e.m , that is hard to execute in Comparison to this method, release digital power station as an equilazer for Android and thus bring your technology to mobile

    Dan Rice


    We have been exploring ways to do this. We have partnered with JetAudio to bring the Digital Power Station sound to the JetAudio Music Player App. There are some technical barriers to creating a system-wide audio enhancement app, but we will continue to work to find ways to bring the DPS sound to mobile devices.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support


    Bass Booster & Equalizer is one of the easier equalizer apps for Android. It functions a five band equalizer in conjunction with a bass raise characteristic, ten presets, issues, optional notification controls, or even widgets. The UI is simple sufficient to apply and the bass improve and equalizer do work pretty well in maximum times. It doesn’t work for enhancing quantity from your audio system or something incredible fancy like that. However, it have to work with stressed out headphones simply fine.

    Equalizer and Bass Booster within reason self explanatory. It has an equalizer and a bass booster. To be extra specific, it consists of a 5 band equalizer, ten equalizer presets, and a bass booster. The developers state that it need to paintings with most song gamers, video players, and FM radio. The handiest essential problem is that the app will near on occasion while left in the historical past and every now and then it doesn’t constantly paintings. It’s one of the less difficult equalizer apps and it ought to paintings on most devices.

    Equalizer FX is one of the cleanser, extra contemporary equalizer apps. It is pretty easy to use. It comes with a 5 band equalizer, bass boost, virtualization, and even a loudness enhancer (Android 4.Four and up handiest). Like maximum, it comes with a widget at the side of presets to get you started out. The developer has additionally said that this must paintings with maximum song players, consisting of Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and others. The paid version is similar to the free model. It simply gets rid of advertising.

    Music Equalizer is every other easy equalizer app. You’ll get maximum of the same form of capabilities. They consist of a 5 band equalizer, a bass booster, a virtualizer, and extra. It additionally consists of ten presets, a 4-through-one widget, and greater. Like most, it hangs round within the history. That method it’s vulnerable to being cut off if your device is truely strict about background tactics. Otherwise, it’s one of the higher equalizer apps.

    Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster is one of the maximum popular equalizer apps available. Thankfully, it truely works pretty well. It includes the same old 5 band EQ in conjunction with 9 EQ presets. Along with that, you’ll get volume manipulate, bass boosting, loudness enhancement, and more. The builders additionally boast that it have to paintings nicely with most video and audio players. All in all, it’s a high-quality experience for a software program equalizer. It obviously received’t work with the whole thing and you get extra presets from others in this list, however this works k. It’s also entirely unfastened as far as we could tell.

    Neturalizer is one of the most specific equalizer apps that we’ve seen. Instead of supplying you with an EQ to regulate yourself, it has one that adjusts itself based on what you like. During set up, you’ll be asked to listen to sounds at numerous frequencies. You turn them up or down primarily based on how well you hear them. When you’re achieved, the app auto-generates a completely unique equalizer preset just for you primarily based on the audio system or headphones you’re sporting. The loose version lets you create one preset while the seasoned version helps you to create as many as you need. If you do that, we recommend re-doing the audio check with each new set of speakers or headphones you plug in as they may produce specific results.

    Sonarworks True-Fi Beta is one of the most modern equalizer apps on Android. It’s also a music player with integration with Spotify. It has an equalizer that does quite a few neat things. It can adjust the sound for numerous age groups in distinctive approaches. Thus, it sounds exceptional for 20 year olds than it does for forty year olds. Additionally, it could mimick the sound of diverse different styles of headphones. It’s a completely unique revel in, specially if you use Spotify along side your personal track collection. We don’t suppose it really works with other apps, though. This one is free, however it’s also in beta at the time of this writing.

    Viper4Android is, by way of a ways, the great of the equalizer apps. Unfortunately, it’s simplest for root users. It’s been underneath improvement for years. It’s installed to the gadget partition so it has a long way more control than any of the regular equalizer apps on Google Play. The app additionally includes a 10 band EQ, lots of presets and settings, effects, and extra. It’s a pain within the rear stop to put in every now and then. However, it’s definitely worth it when you do. Viper4Android must be well suited with maximum rooted devices and plenty of custom ROMs upload it by using default. It’s noticeably properly and we hope that in the future, DURAFLEX DISTRIBUTION NZ offers us something like this in Android proper.

    Many tune player apps have equalizers integrated. Some exquisite examples consist of BlackPlayer, Poweramp, and Neutron Player. These apps have powerful equalizers that do really exchange the sound. However, they simplest paintings within the app. Thus, those of you that circulate track can’t use the equalizers in these apps for your streamed tune. On the other hand, those with private collections can use those all day. Music participant apps vary in price and functionality. We have a listing of our favorites toward the top of the thing below the primary paragraph.

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