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    Joseph Beaty


    Still waiting on an update from Apple. They have acknowledged this and are working on it. As soon as we have an update we will post something on the forum.

    Thanks for being patient!


    Not sure if an OS issue (Mavericks), but I get major buffering issues when using Vimeo. I’m going to look into it further to see if it isn’t something I can fix on my end.

    Known issue? Sorry if I have missed a prior forum post concerning this.

    Current DPS version 1.0.5

    All the best…


    Joseph Beaty


    What else is running while these issues are happening? Does clicking Re-Sync Audio Buffers in the drop down menu help? Is the audio cutting out or is the lip sync off? Let me know.



    Hi, guys.  Still no movement on this issue.  Our bug report is still open with Apple and we await their reply.  I’ve made this response in the Apple support forums.

    The video glitching issue certainly seems related to full screen video powered by Quicktime X.  Other users report success when not using Safari (which most likely relies on Quicktime X) for watching videos online.

    More details to come as we get them…


    Still struggling here waiting for a fix for the Mavericks issue. As long as I play an iTunes movie in a window that is NOT fullscreen, it works fine. If I switch to fullscreen, within a few minutes, I get that cutting in and out of sound.

    Very frustrating. This is a product that I really, really liked. I can’t believe that Apple is this unhelpful. I mean, next week they are expected to unveil their next OS. If they drag their feet enough, they can just skip right over compatibility with Mavericks entirely. Geez…

    Joseph Beaty


    We are in the same boat as you are. Waiting mode. We will keep things updated here as usual. Let’s hope a fix is in queue.



    I’d love to know why Apple’s been sitting on this for the better part of a year.  Also, have you had an opportunity to see if they’ve addressed these issues in the Yosemite beta?

    I just about blew my eardrums out this morning when I clicked “Re-sync audio buffers” in an attempt to clear up a low volume issue & DPS crashed.  I’d killed coreaudiod prior to that, but it didn’t resolve the low volume, which wouldn’t adjust even though the on-screen volume indicated otherwise.

    FWIW, I experienced some sporadic audio drop-outs in Spotify this morning, which I hadn’t noticed before.  It hasn’t occurred in the past couple of hours though.

    Joseph Beaty


    Not really sure why Apple has been sitting on this issue. We have tested with Yosemite and no change. I am not able to recreate in Spotify so far. We will post news here as soon as we have it. We are currently working every angle to try and get something happening here.


Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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