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    Joseph Beaty

    We have been receiving reports of issues with DPS within OSX Mavericks. Figured we would get a list going to address the issues we have found so far. Feel free to elaborate, reply with your findings, fixes, thoughts, etc.

    1. Full screen video glitch in iTunes. Video audio is cutting out while viewing in full screen with DPS v1.0.4, iTunes v11.1.3

    2. Delay in overall function. Lagging functionality, volume control delay.

    3. Almost 100% CPU and Energy tab usage.

    4. Unable to select DPS reflector in system audio settings.


    Just to be clear, these issues are not common and are hard to reproduce. If you have experienced these or any other issues now that you have upgraded to Mavericks please let us know. We want to provide an update that is comprehensive.

    Phillip Fuller

    The full screen video glitch also happens when using QuickTime Player in full or small screen.


    I have noticed the full screen video “stutter.” It’s repeatable, at least on my system.


    I too have this issue in full screen. Unloading DPS resolves the issue. So does going to a window type screen. I finally had to revert to AHP during our recent travels, though it is not as good an audio solution.

    Joseph Beaty

    We have been able to reproduce the full screen issue within our group. Working on a new update now. So appreciate the feedback!


    Hi, everyone.  As you all know, we’ve been running extensive tests with DPS and OSX Mavericks.  Here are the results from our programmer (testing audio glitch issue when playing video):

    I used QuickTime for all of these tests.
    1. If I run the DPS app with the engine turned off, the problem still occurs (~9:30into playback).
    2. When re-synching, I attempted tearing down and rebuilding the RingBuffer. The problem still occurs (~9:30into playback).
    3. With the DPSReflector still selected, I tried running Apple’s CAPlayThrough utility instead of the DPS app. The audio problem actually occurs sooner (~8:30into playback).
    4. I installed the latest SoundFlower kext. I then selected the SoundFlower (2ch) virtual driver and ran the CAPlayThrough utility. The problem still occurs (~10:00into playback).
    5. I selected the SoundFlower (64ch) virtual driver and ran the CAPlayThrough utility. The problem occurred immediately.
    We can eliminate the DPS processing algorithm or the RingBuffer as a source of the problem.
    I’m convinced that it’s an OS X 10.9 problem. The tentative 10.9.1 release target is end of November.
    This is pointing us toward OSX issues that are currently beyond our control.
    We have created a new build for you to try if you are interested in tinkering and testing yourself: Download DPS TEST1
    • This is just the application part of DPS.
    • You must have already installed and activated DPS v1.0.4 for this to work.
    • You may drag it into the Digital Power Station folder in Applications.
    • This version was built using the latest Xcode.
    • It is possible to change the Ring Buffer size in the Info.plist file in this test app.  Default is 20480.  The new value takes effect when the app is restarted.  Contact me if you want details on this.

    We will continue to test and evaluate DPS in Mavericks.  Due to the sensitive nature of having a system level application, these issues are more complex and hidden by Apple than your usual player or other app that does not contain a kernel extension.

    Thanks for your patience everyone.  And keep those issues rolling in!


    To clarify from my experience, the problem occurs if the DPS is loaded and on or off, but it does not occur if the DPS App is not loaded at all. There is a difference. Is your programmer getting the issue even when DPS is not loaded at all at startup? I’m not. I agree that the issue is with OS 10.9, but it is with 10.9 and the running DPS in on or off state in full screen. This is my experience.


    He is testing is the effect of using any kernel extension for routing audio.  That is the function of DPSReflector and Soundflower.  So, we are not seeing an issue with the DPS application (which does the processing) but with the internal routing of audio within Mavericks.

    So when DPS is loaded (on or off) the DPSReflector is routing audio at the kernel extension level.  When DPS is not running, Core Audio is handling sound using only its own internal mechanisms.

    It seems Mavericks has issues with any audio kernel extension but there are no errors or documentation yet regarding this or changes to Core Audio for OSX.  So we have to wait…  :-/


    We have narrowed down the choppy audio with video issue to Mavericks and QuicktimeX.  This issue happens with any audio routing software, not just DPS.  Quicktime7 and Bongiovi DPS still work together fine.  Click here to download Quicktime 7


    I am also experiencing delay volume control delay.  Further, after running the system maintenance software Cocktail for Mavericks Edition on my 15″ Macbook Pro Retina, all sound functionality  is lost until I turn DPS off, allow it to close down and then reload it.


    I am experiencing all the same problems in 10.9 on my mac book pro.

    In addition, DPS is always using 100% of my processor on my 10.9 machine.  let me know if you want help trouble shooting or more information.


    I am having big problems with Mavericks and DPS:  Volume control doesn’t work. Audio cuts in and out.  This happens on iTunes and Youtube.  Also, when I try to turn DPS on and off, it freezes, and I have to quit DPS.

    Joseph Beaty

    Hey everyone! We could use your help identifying what other 3rd party softwares are currently on your machines. Particularly software also has a driver installed (w/ reboot required). Please comment with what programs you are running. Gives us a place to start. Thanks!


    Hi – my troubles happen just using iTunes or Youtube with nothing else running. (Safari, as a browser).  I don’t have any other audio plug ins.

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