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    hello nuke, I want to ask, my application can’t open, he always asks for a keychain, but I don’t know keychain, because I immediately downloaded and installed after I paid. can you help me


    LossLes here –

    DPS is in Login Items on my MacMini late 2012.
    Doesn’t load at Start Up (multiple starts tested).
    Clicking on the App, (first time) nothing happens. Waited more than 2 minutes…
    Click on App again and it loads.Sometimes Turned Off but sometimes Turned On.

    Just reporting…


    I have again today, after updating to the latest Mojave 10.14.3 lost my Bogiovi program! When trying to download the latest version, the program will not run! After the last Mojave update, I got in touch with DPS directly and they helped me re-install the program as I purchased the original a couple of years ago. There appears to be an issue when running Bongiovi with Mojave, presumably it concerns security issues. I hope the company will sort this soon as it is a nuisance having to contact them every time there’s an update for Mojave!

    Dan Rice

    Chris – Often-times the installation of a OS update will overwrite the DPS virtual driver. This does require DPS to be reinstalled. Our engineering team is always working to develop solutions to these problems.

    Lossles – Do you have any security software installed that might be interfering with DPS’ ability to communicate with or with Google Analytics? Please also check your System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy tab and select “Microphone” from the list on the left. Make sure that the check box for Bongiovi DPS is selected, it may be necessary to toggle this checkbox for MacOs to correct this.

    Please feel free to open a support ticket.


    Dan Rice
    DPS Support

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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