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Is it possible to \"equalize\" the volume?

Forums Sound Science Is it possible to \"equalize\" the volume?

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    When I am watching a movie, I often don’t like the following situation, especially when using headphones:
    silent scenes (e.g. people whispering) are so quite that I need to increase the volume to hear the speech. Then in the next scene where something is shooting or exploding it is way too loud, and I am always lowering the volume.

    Would it be possible to implement the audio enhancement feature which would amplify the volume in quite situations and decrease it if the sound was very loud?

    Dan Rice


    What you are describing is what we call “Automatic Volume/Loudness Control”. This function manages the volume so all details of a movie will be crystal clear and easy to hear at any volume level in any acoustic environment. This is certainly something that the DPS algorithm is capable of doing.

    I will let me engineering team know that you requested this feature to be added to the Digital Power Station software for computers.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support


    Dan Rice,
    It’s been a while, have you had a chance to discuss this subject with the development team? If so, what are their thoughts? Are there any plans to implement that?


    There were such profiles in the tools section but they’re missing now. Because now a database is used to save the profiles instead of a folder I don’t know if users can add profiles themselves anymore.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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