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    Check this out!

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2124"] Element 2.0 Soundbar with Bongiovi DPS. Click to read the press release.[/caption]

    This soundbar sounds as amazing as it’s price! It’s for sale in Meijer stores now and will be in other big box stores next month. Here is a link to the Element website.

    We began work on this soundbar in our lab in China.  I would like to personally thank our Bongiovi engineer in our Guangzhou lab, Tom Ku, for his hard work and dedication to the project.  Tony Bongiovi, Tom Ku, Ryan Copt and myself all collaborated in our China and US labs to create the DPS profile for this soundbar.

    Our goal was to help Element create a soundbar that sounds better than it’s competition at half the price.  So this soundbar at $60 should sound just as good as any other 2.0 (no subwo0fer) soundbar in the $120 range.   I feel we hit that mark and then some!  At normal listening levels (70-75dB) the sound is super clear and rich with a wide stereo image.  And this soundbar can go louder than its competition without distortion.

    This is the first commercial product that uses our new patented Dynamic Stereo Enhancement technology.  The Dynamic Stereo Enhancer makes the stereo image wider than the speakers without destroying frequency response or important center channel information.

    More products are coming on the market with Bongiovi DPS technology inside.  Stay tuned to the DPS Insider for the latest updates!

    Joseph Beaty

    Looks like the new sound bars are now at this link

    So nice!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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