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Im subscribed but it still isn't working?

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    On the desktop program when I try to activate my account, it says “Activation failed. Please try again. Error = No active subscriptions found.” but when I go onto the website, it says I have an account and on the profile page, it says my subscription is “on hold”. Any fix to the problem would be appreciated.


    Vlastimil Vanek

    I have a similar problem. The application crashes and throws a NetFramework error message about a date and time problem. Therefore, you cannot activate a subscription. Damn it.


    Dan Rice

    We have a patch for our users with the date/time issue to test. Here are the install steps:

    1.) Quit Bongiovi DPS from the taskbar.
    2.) Download the patch here:
    3.) Unzip to your desktop.
    4.) Copy Bongiovi DPS.exe to c:\Program Files\Bongiovi Acoustics\Bongiovi DPS\
    Overwrite the existing file there.
    5.) Launch Bongiovi DPS.
    6.) Try to activate. If there is an error, please view the details and post a screenshot or copy-paste the text of the error into an email.

    Please let me know how this works out!


    Vlastimil Vanek

    Dan Rice wrote:

    We are in the process of addressing the Dot Net Framework error bug. Please feel free to fill out a support ticket to help us resolve the problem for affected users. You can help us find a solution by letting us know what country you are in and what language pack you have installed.

    Post Link:


    Get organized. Until today I have an open ticket with you and no reaction, except for basic information and further from your side of communication is none. Status reports and information you have there as well.

    Screenshot open ticket
    And your latest post

    And your latest post about canceling overpayment and not knowing the deadline for dealing with serious errors is also quite misleading to a commercial product.


    Vlastimil Vanek

    For information, a new patch launches the application. A blue guitar icon appears in the Tray toolbar, and when the mouse is rolled over, the application crashes without an error message and cannot be seen in the Task Manager. 🙂

    Link on video : Video from error.



    A mi me pasa lo mismo soy del país PERÚ

    He reemplazado con el parche y cuando quiero abrir el icono de la barra de herramientas el icono desaparece y no me permite abrirlo para colocar la licencia de activación

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