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Getting Driver not found. Err = 1001 code after deleting old DPS 1.2.3

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    New 2.1 was working but sound overdriving because DPS 1.2.3 (i think) was still installed and running. So I deleted that. Now 2.1 will not work at all. I get “DPS Driver not found. Err = 1001. So no driver is being found even though I have tried to reinstall it several times now. Restarted computer. Reistalled. Same thing. I’m using Windows 7. This is my older laptop that I don’t use much really. Just try to keep it updated every now and then.


    Dan Rice


    Apologies for the late response. Let’s try this:

    1.) Uninstall all versions of DPS you have from your computer.
    2.) Delete the Bongiovi Acoustics folder from the hidden folder C:\ProgramData
    3.) Empty your recycling bin
    4.) Restart your computer
    5.) Download a fresh copy of DPS 2.1
    6.) Make sure you quit out of any audio software, check the hidden icons area in your system tray to be certain.
    7.) Re-install Bongiovi DPS

    8.) Let me know how this works out.

    Note – I have seen this error before and often just restarting the computer, or manually restarting DPS solves the problem.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support



    I tried following your guide, yet at startup I keep getting the error 1001 message. Anything more I could do about it? it’s atm making the software useless 🙁


    Dan Rice


    I see that you have opened a support ticket regarding this issue. I’ve been trying to assist you there. We are aware of an issue where some Windows 10 users have been receiving this “Driver Not Found – 1001” error message. Our engineering department is aware of the issue and is hoping to address it in a future update.

    We are working to ascertain which devices are affected by this problem. What is your audio driver? You can find this information by typing “Device Manager” into your Cortana search bar and selecting “Device Manager” from the pop up menu. Feel free to respond through our Support Ticket system, here, or by emailing me directly at


    Dan Rice
    DPS Support

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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