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    Thanks. After posting I saw v1.x entry on Macupdate and the $20 price so assume v2 somewhere in that neighborhood. Even as a simple reference point I now know it won’t be in the $100 neighborhood!


    Hi… Do we need to reinstall the purchased DPS 1.0.7 in order to get an automatic upgrade to the full version of DPS 2.0 rather than waiting for the public release?



    No need to have older versions installed. We will be sending out activation keys based on your purchase records. So if you ever purchased the 1.x version, were gifted it by us or were part of the beta program you will get the email. The email will arrive to the address you used when you purchased DPS at our old online store.

    At that time you will receive an automatic update within DPS 2.0 FREE to DPS 2.0 FULL. The FULL version will require the activation key to use after a demo time period. DPS 2.0 FREE will continue to work until the end of 2016.


    Due to OEM customer demands, we were not able to meet our DPS 2.0 completion target date. However, work on 2.0 for both Windows and Mac is still proceeding, the new online store is up and running and we completed our new custom profile catalog methods.

    Thanks for your continued patience!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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