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    Hi everyone!

    Is there (or is it possible to create) a Dynamic Range Compression profile for movies?
    You all know that one moment you cannot understand what the characters are whispering and a second later an explosion blasts your ears off.
    As I found out here ( DPS uses several AGCs, so it should be capable of manipulating macrodynamics.
    Most solutions give you quite some artifacts like pumping and breathing. So the art is to get that right, I guess.

    Cheers, Hans

    PS For music DPS is awesome! ­čśÇ



    Bongiovi DPS is excellent for DRC for movies!  That is actually what the Movies mode is used for in the Mac and Windows version of the software.  The Movies setting is actually a variation on the Music profile with the AGC set to more aggressively control dynamics as well as emphasize dialog frequencies.

    You will notice DPS is very good at applying large amounts of dynamic range control without the pumping/breathing artifacts.

    PS – Sorry I had to change the link you supplied. ┬áOur policies have changed since the version you linked to. ┬áThanks for understanding!


    Then can you please advise me what profile to use for movies?

    Desktop profiles don’t do so much compression and actually even add a bit of punch (what I prefer for music).
    Built-in profiles sound a bit weird (flat?) with weak bass.

    The movie button seems to boost the mids. That will make voices a bit louder but not nearly enough for me. Additionaly it emphasizes harsh sounds. Softer sounds would be more pleasing here.


    Thanks for the feedback Hans. Which profile has the best overall tone for your system? I will then modify the AGCs for smooth DRC for movies.

    In the meantime, Philadelphia profile has strong DRC but it is focused on dialog. Also, the Future Acoustics FA187 headphones profile may also give you a good result.


    That would be great, thanks!
    I think New York Speakers would be the best candidate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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