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    Just wondering If someone could explain to me what Stereo Controls on/off is doing, and whether or not it would be recommended to have turned off or on during music through headphones.

    Thanks in advance, and for offering such an amazing piece of software,


    Randy B.


    For everything but headphones it will increase the stereo effect, i.e. makes it sound as if your speakers are ā€ˇfarther apart than they really are.

    For headphones it decreases the stereo effect, i.e. moves left and right channel closer together. That can help listening to music with too much stereo separation like e.g. some records of the Beatles where only the singer is on one channel and the music on the other.


    Hi guys,

    Let me explain how the new stereo controls work for Bongiovi DPS 2.1. They are a bit different than 2.0.

    When listening in Built-In or External Speakers mode, the Stereo Controls adjust our Dynamic Stereo Enhancement algorithm. Turing the effect off or moving the circles to the center will result in normal stereo sound. Turning the effect on and moving the circles wider will increase the width of the stereo image while maintaining the strength of virtual center channel content like dialog, sound effects (like guns or explosions), singing and drums.

    When listening in Headphones mode, there is now a completely different effect. You will notice the circles “snap” to three different locations inside the Stereo Controls box. That is because we are switching between modes 2 (widest) 6 (middle) and 5 (mono) in our new Headphone Enhancement algorithm. Turning the effect off returns to normal stereo.

    In our office, we like to turn any stereo enhancement off when listening to music. However, all profiles in Music mode are calibrated to sound great with the stereo effect turned on with the circles in their default positions.

    I personally use the middle or center headphone effect when listening to older music where the drums are on the right channel and voice is on the left. Did you know those wacky old stereo mixes were done by the junior engineers back in the day? Only the big shots mixed the mono versions that went out on the air.

    We really enjoy gaming with headphones using the widest headphone setting. Try the VR profile with this!

    I hope this clears things up. Let me know if you want further details. Cheers!


    Wait what VR profile?

    Dan Rice

    Adrian Dennis 92,

    The VR profile is found in the Windows version under Output Type: Headphones, Make: Virtual Reality. We’ll be adding this profile to the Mac version soon.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support


    Unfortunately, I have a problem with scrolling past “Ultimate Ears” every time my mouse mouse to try to scroll using the bottom arrow. The list just disappears. I can only use what is shown first hand

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