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    Earlier, while we were beta testing this forum, a user posted a very good question regarding profiles.  I’m restoring this topic on their behalf:

    I have been a loyal DPS user for a year or so now and I don’t play music without it.  I have been – over time – thinkking of some suggestions and maybe I could get a response on the forum about them…
    1. expanding on city profiles…. I use DPS via my Mac over a 10.1 home theatre setup.  Obviously unlike headphones – where access to fine tuning each pair – is easy, I understand you can’t go making profiles for big home theatre speakers.  BUT I use the Sony 5.1 profile you guys uploaded a while back and let me tell you, it sounds absolutely amazing on my Bose 10.1 acoustimass (which says something – because ya’ know… Bose…).  So I guess my suggestion would be to maybe set up some general city profiles for the big speaker, subwoofer user (in addition to the headphone centered profiles you guys have been lining out as well).  A long shot to suggest I know but I figured why not….
    2. Making all profiles for the Mac also compatible for the IOs.  I would LOVE to get your Sony 5.1 profile onto my iphone so I can play it in my car (with the 2 new Subs I had installed)…
    3. If none of which I am suggesting sounds appealing, then can I get a profile for the B&W C5’s I have as a consolation prize?  haha thanks
    Thats really it lol… Again, I love your software, as a music lover (Eric Prydz / deadmau5 / dance music listener) I tell all my friends who DJ about it and they cant get enough.  Thanks again!



    The only difference between iOS, Mac and PC profiles is the headroom available in each hardware platform.  This means a profile that makes a MacBook Air sound loud and beautiful may distort on a Windows laptop.  However, the DPS processing is the same.  With that in mind, it is easy to convert a profile between platforms and we are working on internal tools that will allow us to catalog and distribute the profiles to you easier.

    I went ahead and converted the Sony 5.1 profile directly to the iOS format.  You may download them for the Bongiovi DPS app here:

    Home Theater MUSIC

    Home Theater MOVIES

    If you like what you hear I will make them into “City” profiles for everyone to enjoy.  Let us know what you think!





    I am a Bose products guy, speakers, noise cancelling headsets etc, so anything for Bose would be appreciated…..on a Mac…..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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