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    Hi Guys:

    This isn’t a request for a new profile, but my experience with a new set of speakers and how effective DPS is. Recently, I bought a set of the subject speakers, which are very small bookshelf-types. It turns out Energy is part of the Klipsch conglomerate, although they don’t appear officially to be Klipsch speakers. Just before I bought these, I got a Denon AVR X2000 receiver, which has all kinds of neat features, including airplay, networking for internet radio, podcasts, etc. and got the speakers for the Denon. On my iPhone, I downloaded every profile and painstakingly went through each one, with lots of A/B comparisons back and forth, until I found the “sweet spot”. Turns out, Portland is the one which makes them outstanding. They really have to be heard to be believed. If anyone is familiar with an album by k.d. lang called Hymns of the 49th Parallel, on these tiny speakers it sounds just as good as large speaker systems I’ve owned in the past. The one thing that has always stood out for me on this album is the incredible accuracy of her voice and it’s right there with the Energys. I’m also totally amazed at how good Airplay is. With iOS 7, when the iPhone screen is locked and I press the home key, a lot more information is presented about the currently playing album. With iOS 6, it did not show everything (album name, song name, performer’s name) without unlocking the phone and looking at the DPS app screen.

    Sorry to ramble on, but my main reason for doing this was to congratulate Bongiovi on the effectiveness of DPS profiles when you find the right one.

    Joseph Beaty


    Very much appreciate you taking the time to share this experience. Sometimes it can take some time to find that “Sweet Spot” when you get a new device. However, it is well worth the digging around. Take care!


    Awesome!  Thanks, Jim.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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