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    Hi there,
    13″ Macbook Pro 2016/17 i5 2.9Ghz with 8 meg ram and latest OS Sierra.

    When Bongiovi is tunning, I seem to have difficulty accessing files through the finder window.
    I can open programs, fine. But when I try and click on files in finder, some of which are local, some on onedrive and some on icloud; then nothing happens.
    As soon as I turn DPS action off (still running the DPS program in background) then all of the functionality on file access returns to normal.

    So if I. am playing music whilst i work, then I have to disable the DSP to access files, and then reenable after my file has opened.


    Dan Rice


    Thank you for your report. Please feel free to open a support ticket. Are you running the commercial release of MacOs Sierra or the beta?


    Dan Rice
    DPS Support



    Hi there,
    Should have done that first, I suppose. Sorry.

    I’m on the latest non-beta version.
    Will raise a support ticket though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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