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    We are striving for a test release of DPS 2.0 for Mac next week.  It may not be available for public consumption when when the Win version is released but it is quite close.

    ruslang and everyone,

    We found a bug in version 2.0.0a20:  If you do not have an internet connection DPS will crash.  There is an unhandled exception in the new stats system.  It is already fixed and we will have a new build for you Monday or Tuesday with some other fixes.

    We are also tracking an issue where the main DPS window will begin to flicker when the Visualizer is working.  It seems to be worse on AMD processors and is annoyingly random.  If you have seen this let us know.



    Thanks for the first beta version!

    It has some options removed as announced but a lot of new profiles added. 🙂

    I tested and compared the New York Speakers ones and found that there are some changes, e.g. the EQ is different. Apart from some small gain adjustments, now some bell curves which aren’t zero gain do have the bypass option set. Does this mean they were wrong before or is the bypass option just never used at all (which wouldn’t make that much sense)?

    About profiles I use, that are mainly New York Speakers and London Headphones.


    DPS 2.0.0b1 is now in Dropbox

    Version 2.0.0b1

    • Fixed the StatsD exception at startup.
    • Changed name of app to Bongiovi DPS.
    • Limit bass/treble controls to vertical only.
    • Reset buttons are only shown if user touches the corresponding controls.
    • Added new installer assets.
    • Hide Profile tab.
    • Updated Help and Skin assets.

    Very observant hans!  All of the new profiles have been hand tweaked by myself to give a really great experience on as wide a range of devices as possible.  All of the custom profiles and fully unlocked controls will be available soon when the purchase system is in place.

    Regarding the bell filters:   The tuning process is very much like mixing a record.  We continuously make adjustments to the parameters while we listen to a wide range of music and movies.  Very often, we find an eq boost or cut is not necessary and we will bypass the band to hear the immediate effect of removing it.  If the effect is good then the band will remain bypassed even though the gain is not 0dB.  Basically, you are seeing the artifacts of our tuning process.

    I have completed the process of converting all of our old profiles to the new bgvx format.  In many cases (especially for profiles that were made for iOS or Windows) the gain values had to be adjusted to the new headroom scheme in DPS 2.0.  There are a lot of twiddly details surrounding our consolidating all platforms into DPS 2.0 but suffice to say some profiles were no longer viable in their original form.  I tried to stay true to the original intent of the sound while giving them an update to match the quality of the newer profiles.

    If you want the old bgva profiles that came with earlier alpha versions of DPS 2.0 just let me know.  They are all compatible.  The only issue is bgva is not really an editable format.  The new bgvx format is fully parametrized so it is easily ingested into our tuning software for tweaks.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.   Cheers!


    [quote=62866]We are striving for a test release of DPS 2.0 for Mac next week.  It may not be available for public consumption when when the Win version is released but it is quite close.[/quote]

    I would love to alpha test the 2.0 for Mac version, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the opportunity.


    I accidently erased my dropbox link. Can you send it Please.


    DPS2.0.0b2 is in Dropbox now

    This version addresses a UI flickering issue we are troubleshooting.  Let us know if you see anything weird in the DPS window while the visualizer is running.  We are also trying to lower CPU usage when the visualizer is running.  There is extra cycles involved with sending the viz data from the C/C++ processing core to the .NET GUI.

    Look at your CPU usage while DPS is running with the visualizer enables in SETTINGS.  Then turn it off.   Please let us know what you see.

    rnadeau,  I sent the link to you.

    mattr,  The Mac version is still pre-alpha in that we don’t yet have an installer for it.  As soon as it is up to speed (maybe a week or so) I will certainly share it with this group!


    Can’t get latest beta to install properly. Getting the driver error. There is nothing running other than dps installer. I tried installing in safe mode..doesn’t work. I don’t know where to go from here? I am running windows 7 SP1.


    DPS2.0.0b2 windows 10×64 cpu i3 4130 /ram 6gb / realtek hda audio output (WASAPI)

    when the visualizer and open panel GUI (when playing media)
    CPU load no more than ~ 2-3.3% and no more than 28mb ram

    when the visualizer and hidden in the tray panel GUI (when playing media)
    CPU load no more than ~ 1-2.9% and not more ram ~ 25-29mb

    visualizer switched off and open the panel GUI (when playing media)
    CPU load no more than ~ 0,1-1.1% and not more ram = 26mb

    visualizer switched off and hidden in the tray panel GUI (when playing media)
    CPU load no more than ~ 0.1-1.5% and not more ram = 25.7mb


    2.  and which device profiles dps1 will included the final version dps2?

    3. as has the profile file converter .bgvw dps1  in> dps2 .bgva?


    [quote=62885]Can’t get latest beta to install properly. Getting the driver error. There is nothing running other than dps installer. I tried installing in safe mode..doesn’t work. I don’t know where to go from here? I am running windows 7 SP1. [/quote]

    I rebooted the system this morning and I no longer get the driver error and all works fine except that all the control text is fuzzy like it is written3 times on top of itself and equalizer adj will only adjust 160 and 4500. is this preset or can the the other frequensies be adjusted?


    DPS2.0.0b2 windows 10×64 cpu i3 4130 /ram 6gb / ONLY NVIDIA (GTX650) – Audio output HDMI> (WASAPI)

    an extremely rare problem of failure (falling windows 10), when the running gui panel and dps2 and set output nvidia HDMI – when disconnecting the hdmi cable from the monitor, and then once it is connected to the same-hdmi-connector (nvidia) falling windows 10 –
    BAG-ERROR “SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (nvlddmkm.sys)” and only with the video card nvidia, and when connected intel hd video/HDMI – all output normal
    at what the problem is like a 124 dps and have 2 versions have

    Btw what does the stereo control in headphone mode do now? It does change the sound but it doesn’t seem to affect the stereo image (much). Instrument positions seem to stay put.



    Thanks for the CPU usage info for the visualizer.  This is similar to my Intel computers.  We have converted all bgv2 (OSX) and bgv (iOS) to the new format.  The bgvw format (Windows DPS 1.x) were originally converted from bgv2 so we do not need to convert those.  All profiles we be made available in the full paid version of DPS 2.0.

    We will also look into the crash when disconnecting HDMI or any other audio device while audio is playing.  I hope we can catch that error switch the driver gracefully.  However, this will depend on how the NVidia or other audio hardware driver behaves during this issue.


    I also got this error when I upgraded from a20 to b2.  This error only occurred on first run.  Without rebooting, the error was gone when I launched DPS the second time.  I think this may be related to old settings left over from a20.

    You will also notice we changed the name of the app to “Bongiovi DPS” to be more in line with our brand.  This may cause some issues for users who had the app named “DPS 2.0” on their system.  Uninstall/reinstall seems to resolve this.

    The fuzzy EQ text may be related from old preferences saved from DPS 2.0.0a20 or before.  You may delete preferences by deleting all folders in c:Users<your user>App DataLocalBongiovi_Acoustics

    The equalizer frequencies will be fixed for the extended free trial version being released in 2 weeks.  b2 is testing this change.  We will have a new beta version soon that has this limitation removed to demonstrate the future full version.  The full version (which all of you will be getting) will have unlimited controls and access to all current and future profiles.


    The Stereo Controls in DPS 2.0 are originally designed for speaker systems to provide a more immersive sound field.  When in headphones mode, we are using this feature to adjust the stereo field toward the center to make certain music recording more comfortable.  So at maximum width (circles far apart) the stereo image is just a little wider than normal.  Moving the circles together will pan the stereo image to the center.  This really helps when listing to older recordings like The Beatles or Rolling Stones where they liked to pan the drums to one side and the vocals to the other.  Moving those instruments to the center makes the listening experience much more comfortable.

    In future versions we will incorporate our new Headphone Enhancer feature.


    Sorry for beeing unclear, but what I wanted to report is, that *no* moving to the center is happening in beta 2 with e.g. new bgvx London Headphones profiles, no matter the stereo controls. Having the circles near together gives less highs and having them far apart sounds closer to having it off completely. But instrument positions are definitely untouched, what’s left stays left and what’s right stays right. I know this was different before, so I thought that feature may have been dropped or it’s a bug.



    We are refactoring the Stereo Controls now for a b3 version that is coming this week.  As you are experiencing, the method behind those controls was getting old and was not keeping up with the features in the new bgvx format.  This will be the new logic:

    • When loading a bgvx profile the Stereo Controls will reflect the stereo enhancement amount encoded in the profile.  It will also switch the Stereo Controls on or off depending on the settings in the profile.  All headphone profiles will default to off.  Enabling stereo controls for headphone profiles will allow panning of instruments to the center.
    • When loading a bgva profile, a bswt profile will also be loaded so valid data is available in the stereo enhancement algorithm.  Loading a bgva profile will default the Stereo Controls to off because they do not contain their own stereo enhancement data.  Switching Stereo Controls on will enable the default parameters.

    Thanks for the tip. I deleted the c:Program dataBonjiovi… and it correctly renders the display. This sounds great. Am looking forward to trying it on my production htpc with the new profiles. I have a new Yamaha receiver that does excellent transcoding of stereo to 5.1, unless this application does 5.1?

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